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【Translation】Yandere Heaven Affection Bunny Cage Official Page Story & Characters

Yay!  The site’s open for the PC otome game for Yandere Heaven! (If only it was BL….)



Apparently it’s going to be R-18….

We got ourselves straight onto translating what’s available now, so please take a look!



The new year has arrived, and a new term starts.
Senior High Division, 3rd year, 3rd term - The last school days which I will spend at Shinsei Academy.

The merry scenery of going to school with my childhood friends.
The fun times spent afterschool in the infirmary.
When I think that these daily things are only limited till graduation, I feel a little bit sad…

And this sadness,  was going to change our relationship-.

A merry, but a bit forceful childhood friend; a serious, but nice childhood friend that’s younger than me; a mature teacher that I can rely on and talk to at ease.
What’s going to change them is all up to you…

CHARACTERS: (going from Left to Right)

UMEMIYA KOZUE (change of name can be done)

"You two seem to be having fun from the morning!"

Shinsei Academy Senior High Division Year 3 Class C
Bright and serious, and has a personality that tries to achieve its best.
She has some soft parts, but she can clearly state her opinion.
Birthday: 20th of October
Horoscope: Libra
Blood type: O
Families: Father, mother, a dog


"How about you stop it, brother. Sempai isn’t coping with it."

Serious and responsible. He can calmly look at his surrounding’s condition.
His academic level is top class, and capable of doing sports, but he is a pure boy that’s not ready for love.
He’s not interested in girls apart from Kozue.
Birthday: 28th of June
Horoscope: Cancer
Blood type: A
Families: Father, mother, big brother


"If you’re stuck on anything, talk about it to me. I might be able to help, you know?"

He’s personality is abit too loose, and what he does is not so beneficial. He’s popular in both genders.
He dislikes studying, but he has the best physical abilities.
He sometimes shows a forceful side of him to Kozue and Kaname, but that sometimes shows his leadership.
He does sexual harassments skinship that goes too far to Kozue.
Birthday: 10th of May
Horoscope: Taurus
Blood type: A
Families: Father, mother, little brother


"You don’t seem well. What happened?"

Since he barely talks or displays his feelings. Sometimes there are parts of him which you can’t understand…
He has worries alot, and he helps the students in need of help.
He likes romance movies, making him a romanticist.
Birthday: 10th of December
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Blood type: AB
Families: Father, mother, little sister (he’s currently living by himself now)